Our research work majorly focuses on construction of metal-mediated self-assembled architectures using palladium(II) and multidentate ligands. Recently, we are venturing into preparation of multi-cavity cages having isolated nanospace(s). We further envision that these complexes having hollow cavities can be utilised for accommodating one or more suitable guest molecules. We are also interested in synthesizing economically viable molybdenum based self-assembled complexes that can form nanoconfinement in aqueous medium. Further these confined nanospaces can be employed for carrying out various catalytic reactions.

Low symmetry coordination cages

Low symmetry coordination cages prepared from Pd(II) and unsymmetrical ligands via self-assembly.

Multicavity coordination cages

Multicavity coordination cages prepared from Pd(II) and designer multidentate ligands


Exploring functional aspects of coordination cages by utilizing the isolated nano-space

Metallomicellar catalysis

Metal and ligand combine to form metallomicelle in aqueous medium which acts as catalyst.